i finally have an audience to ignore me. (starstarstar) wrote in blackhoodmafia,
i finally have an audience to ignore me.

we have a problem
im really busy for the next few weekends.
but i REALLY want to see you guys.
this weekend im probably going up to new college.
then i have SATs.
then im going to Tallahassee.
then i have ACTs.
then im going out of town. (thats halloween weekend)

first weekend bhm?
ill be gone the 10-15 to canada<33.
the next weekend is right before alexandra's birthday so im probably spending it with her.
then its thankgiving.
and now we're in december.

so is everyone cool with Nov 6or7 for a BHM? or Oct 23.. (saturday)

you guys NEED to see my BHM bag. its the BEST!

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