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popcorn goes pop pop pop in the microwave..

put it in for 30 seconds and then you give it a wave!!

it's organized crime but we're all good kids <333
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mystichic2 (12:00:40 AM): whats your ONE favorite band?
Xjess southsideX (12:00:50 AM):deftones
mystichic2 (12:00:57 AM): k
mystichic2 (12:01:04 AM): :-) im adding interests to bhm
Xjess southsideX (12:01:14 AM): you should also add three six mafia
Xjess southsideX (12:01:16 AM): because
Xjess southsideX (12:01:19 AM): the majority of us like them!
Xjess southsideX (12:01:34 AM): that shits gonna be funny
Xjess southsideX (12:01:37 AM): its gonna be like
mystichic2 (12:01:46 AM): haha
Xjess southsideX (12:01:56 AM): a ska band a hardcore band, a nu metal band, and a rap band, and then like new found glory
Xjess southsideX (12:01:56 AM): =D
Xjess southsideX (12:01:57 AM): lol
mystichic2 (12:02:05 AM): hahahahahahaha

originated on November 22, 2003..<3, our original lineup has been added to and subtracted from... we are BlackHoodMafia.

BLACK HOOD MAFIA: back to basics.
no more fake shit.

thOughtcryMinal (2:21:50 AM): my point about what i just said is that its become an elitist club. but i dont know..to me at least..when it started it was the exact opposite. we were all relatively different kinds of ppl who just randomly got together but it worked and we had an amazing time. then every time we got together it was equally amazing cuz we added the right people..people who were open minded and liked to do the same shit we did ...conversation was always centralized..there werent cliques within..and possibly most important of all: we all hung out together..none of that "those three people just came and they are gonna leave but then come back" nope ... we went to a place..stayed there..and if we went somewhere else we all went
mystichic2 (2:22:35 AM): yeah
mystichic2 (2:22:37 AM): i miss that.

we're going back to how we were in the beginning.<3.