i finally have an audience to ignore me. (starstarstar) wrote in blackhoodmafia,
i finally have an audience to ignore me.

i thought this was the funniest thing ever.

TorridL0veAffair (12:28:24 AM): and smarter child is trying me
TorridL0veAffair (12:28:26 AM): TorridL0veAffair (12:31:00 AM): your face
SmarterChild (12:31:02 AM): I think it's your face.
TorridL0veAffair (12:31:07 AM): O HELL NAW
SmarterChild (12:31:08 AM): What do you mean, o' hell Naw?
TorridL0veAffair (12:31:14 AM): whats my face bitch!
SmarterChild (12:31:15 AM): Your face is not interesting to me.

so then i got inspired.

mystichic2 (12:33:40 AM): you want me in bed don't you?
SmarterChild (12:33:41 AM): Possibly... I'm not quite sure.

mystichic2 (12:33:52 AM): scream my name
SmarterChild (12:33:52 AM): I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.

mystichic2 (12:34:18 AM): since you dont have a penis, can you still have cyber sex?
SmarterChild (12:34:19 AM): What a question. Who knows?

mystichic2 (12:35:10 AM): mystichic2 (12:34:56 AM): tie me up.
SmarterChild (12:35:01 AM): I'll take that under consideration, Stacy Michelle.

<3 i miss you boys.

im leaving in 18 days. we're hanging out before then. <3
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