i finally have an audience to ignore me. (starstarstar) wrote in blackhoodmafia,
i finally have an audience to ignore me.

Boys and Girl

I believe that I speak for everyone in blackhoodmafia when I say that each and every single one of you are an essential part of us.

im sorry if you dont feel that way.

things have been insanely fucking hectic for me this past month. i almost dont know how to handle things. so im sorry if i havent been scheduling things like i normally do. it's just i dont have too much time to myself, anymore. im getting my wisdom teeth out on friday--im scared. and theres just so much shit going on.

no matter what, you're all important. this crew isnt about "fitting in". we're all friends. thats what matters. and if someone or more than one person are doing something wrong, hurtful, or distasteful, let us know.. but please dont ever think you're not important.

maybe sometime in the second week of may we can get together? because i have APs and I know skakid does too.. and things are just crazy.

so in a few weeks? anyone have any ideas?

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